Welcome to Carrnell Technical Solutions.

619 North E Street, 73533, Duncan OK


(580) 603-7785

We appreciate your interest in our company. Please understand that, at this time, we have not spent the necessary time to work on a fully featured website. It is possible that we may never put more time into this website, seeing as we are extremely busy.

"But why do you have this webpage?"
Excellent question. We have this page mostly as a place holder until we get time to develop somthing larger. Until then however, we actually use web hosting services and are a webhost to a small customer base. We use this domain and others to help host all of our services that we work very hard to maintain, of which, only our customers can see at this time.

"Can I see an example of these services?"
Sure, just contact us and we would be happy to show you proof of work or answer any questions you may have.

"Do you have an example website you have made and/or host?"
Yup! Feel free to browse to the following website to see an example of our work.
The above websites' owners have given us permission to display them here.
Other websites we host either have not responded to our request, or, have opted for privacy.

If your looking for our older website feel free to click the link below. We have decided to keep it around for historical and posterity reasons.